First of all, there are hundreds of travel agents, offices and online websites for tours and travels but there is not a single company in India which is specifically & only dedicated towards a particular destination. We are the 1st ones in India to establish a travel start up only and completely dedicated to Goa. We want to create a niche for ourselves, a space in the market…Where whoever wants to go Goa, the only thing that should come to their mind is Goabookers. The founder entered this goa market not only because there is a huge scope but the market of Goa lacked hospitality and fair prices which the tourists deserve. The founder wanted to give the customer the hospitality and the prices which is unfelt & unheard of untill we entered the market.

When it comes to Goa Packages, we can give in writing we are the most affordable in the market compared to the inclusions, places to stay and prices which we offer for Goa. Even though our prices are always lower than the competitors, still many a times we come across queries from customers that

“What’s the difference in booking online or booking through us since many a times the prices are same?”

We tell them to just go ahead with your online booking…because only once when they go through it, they will come to know the difference between them & us.

Once you pay money online and book your hotel, the responsibility of that particular hotel as well as of that online portal is over. No one cares whether you even go or not after booking forget about taking care of the guests. But when you book through Goabookers, that’s where our responsibility starts…literally anything right from your check-in to check-outs, to your food, to your sightseeings, to arranging bikes and cars, going to casinos, asking you whether you enjoyed or not to asking you if you need any help to just being your cool mate at Goa, we are always there together. The fun-to be founder of makes sure he or his son is personally there most of the times to see to it that the guests are always satisfied. You text him or any executive even at 2am night and we will revert back with a solution and that’s where lies our USP in this market where unlike our competitors who are there just to earn, we are there to create a long lasting relationship with the end customer & you can ask any of our customers so far if you still don’t trust us….

Also the prices you see online, you either have to pay full or pay nothing where your booking is just tentatively confirmed, but with us you can pay 50% on check ins and just 50% is needed to pay while booking.

Also the prices you usually see online are exclusive of taxes, meals lile breakfast and dinner and our prices are all inclusive of taxes as well as breakfast, dinner.

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