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There is something about Hospitality Industry which keeps us going. It all started with our Grandfather’s elder brother, who was the first to successfully run a resort on a hill station in India followed by their sons following father’s footsteps. That’s not all, our founder Deepak Shah’s first cousins till date operate resorts and restaurants in various locations like UK & Mahabaleshwar. It was a natural progression for the founder Deepak Shah to enter the hospitality industry. For Deepak, it was always Goa which fascinated him, it would be the go to destination for trips.

Founder – Deepak Shah

Only later he realized, he would end up living 2nd half of his life in Goa starting off as a General Manager in a 3 star resort. With every passing time, Deepak Shah realized there is a huge vaccum for efficient services and accounability in Goa for Guests, that is how the concept of Goabookers.com came to life with an aim to provide honest services and hospitality to the tourists. From working as a General Manager in a 3 Star Resort to becoming a co-founder of this ever growing bookings portal Goabookers.com to co-owning multiple leased properties in Goa, the journey has been nothing but exciting. Today it’s the third generation managing this portal and working in the field of hospitality industry and we can proudly say that we have served our 10,000+ happy guests since the time of our incorporation.

Founded in 2015 and Headquartered in Kandivali, Mumbai, Goabookers.com is a hotel bookings platform created specially for the destination of Goa. Goabookers.com has offices in Mumbai, Baroda, Surat while it also has its affiliated offices in Candolim, Goa. Goabookers.com is the only location specific bookings platform for Goa in India.

Goabookers.com provides affordable tour packages providing an edge over other competitors. With a wide range of stay options ranging from Villas, Private Apartments, Suite Rooms, 3 Star, 4 Star and 5 Star Resorts. Goabookers.com ensures, the guest gets bang for their money with a wide choice of stay options whenever they plan to book their stays in Goa through us.

Since the time of our inception, our vision is to eliminate the service issues which guests faces in Goa right from their stays to other activities like rentals, transfers and sightseeings. Providing the right prices, the right services and being honest is our only USP in this ever growing tourism market where bookings are done online with zero attention paid towards guests satisfaction.

Since 2015, We have served over 10,000 happy guests in Goa and it has been purely out of the love and loyalty which we have recieved from each of our guests.


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